Open Water Certification

Open Water Diver Course (Become a Certified Diver)

Online E-Learning Open Water Diver (Phase 1) - Open Water Diver Certification Course (Separate from phase 2) Important: must book separately for phase 2. Scroll down for further instructions. Midwest Scuba Center certifies divers under two different agencies, PADI or SDI. Choose the Agency (PADI or SDI) that you will be learning to dive with.  Signup & Registration is required for Open Water Diver Course. ... Find Out More

Confined Water (Pool) Registration (Phase 2) - Open Water Diver Certification Course Choose which pool you are taking the course at.  The registration for the pools will be completed through the pools website. Follow the links provided to get to the regristration page of that pool.  Find Out More

Open Water Dives (Phase 3) - Open Water Diver Certification Course The final step in the Open Water Diver Certification process.  4 dives over 2 days Prerequisites: Complete online e-learning, complete confined water (pool). Find Out More